Cuba Attractions

Deciding which are the best Cuba attractions depends on your point of view and how long you have to enjoy the beautiful country for.

At the beginning of the last century Cuba was controlled by the United States. When complete Cuban independence came, Cuba still remained a popular tourist destination for Americans up until the Cuban revolution and the arrival of Cuban government leader and dictator, Fidel Castro.


For about 6 decades Cuba was the playground of the Americans, offering the heady highs found in modern day Las Vegas in a more relaxed setting and with noticeably cheaper prices to those found at home.

Since the Castro regime and the American government's ban on spending American dollars in Cuba, Cuba has cleaned up its act, opened its doors to Europe and maintained itself in a time warp of years gone by.

Whilst it's true that the time warp of the architecture and transport is through lack of investment by the government in its country, visitors would agree that the step back in time is the greatest of Cuba's attractions.

Cuba is one of the few countries where the king of burgers and its golden arches cannot be found, nor companies or other restaurants of similar standing which have globalized their domination. That a tourist can head to Cuba and not be bombarded with recognizeable logos and advertisements for many is a refreshing change from the daily mental grind we suffer in our daily lives.


The step back in time is a refreshing accompaniment to Cuba's outstanding scenery which provides a stunning backdrop to any visit to the country.

Blue skies, sunshine, coral reefs, beaches, mountains, national parks, passionate music and simple fresh food washed down with rum based drinks are a daily reality. Cuba's attractions at first glance are physical ones, but for any tourist who takes the chance to really see the country, the biggest attraction is Cuba itself.

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