Famous Cubans

Those who think Ché Guevara and Fidel Castro are the only famous Cubans may want to check out this page.

Many Cuban sports stars are known across the world for their outstanding physical achievements, but there are many famous Cubans who are recognized for their work and achievements around the world.

Some famous Cubans of the last century are listed below.

Rafael Almeida Hailing from Havana, Almeida was one of the first players to be elected to the Cuban Baseball Hall of FameCuba
Santiago Álvarez Román This Cuban film maker from Havana was known for his documentaries and considered a pioneer for his unique montage style
Desi Arnaz Despite being the grandson of one of the Bacardi rum founders, Santiago de Cuba born Arnaz found fame in the U.S. as husband to Lucille Ball, both offscreen and on screen in the show, I love Lucy
José Raúl Capablanca The Havanan was a grandmaster world chess champion from 1921 to 1927
Fidel Castro Hailing from small town Birán, the Cuban government leader for nearly 50 years has made waves across the worldCuba
María Conchita Alonso Born in Cienfuegos, María Conchita is a Grammy nominated artist and actress. She has also participated in Miss Teenager and Miss World competitions
José Contreras The Cuban baseball star of Las Martinas has been athlete of the year 3 times
Celia Cruz The 'Queen of Salsa' heralded from Havana and had a career spanning over half a century. She released a great number of successful albums and is a 7-time Grammy award winner - 3 Grammy's and 4 Latin Grammy's
Carlos Enríquez Considered to be one of the most important Cuban artists of the last century, works by the Zulueta born artist can be seen at Havana's Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Fine Arts Museum) and New York's Museum of Modern Art, amongst others
Ramon Fonst Segundo The Havanan was one of the most successful athletes and fencers of the last century. Of his 125 medals, 5 were Olympic gold and 1 Olympic silver
Daisy Fuentes Born to Spanish and Cuban parents, she was both the first Latina VJ for MTV and the first Latina model for Revlon. She's also starred in a number of American TV shows
Andy Garcia Born in Havana, Garcia moved to the U.S aged 5. As an actor he has starred in a number of well known films including the Oceans Eleven trilogyCuba
Francisco Gattorno Hailing from Santa Clara, he has starred in a number of movies including Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate), one of the winners at the 1993 Havana film festival and winner of the 1995 Goya for best Spanish language foreign film
Gerardo González Kid Gavilan of Berrocal won more than 3/4 of his 143 bouts and was never knocked out
Nicolás Guillón The Camagüey poet was known to describe racism in his moving works
Alberto Korda Best known as Korda, Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, born in Havana in 1928 was a photographer famed for picturing the Cuban revolution, being the Cuban government leader, Castro's, official photographer and for capturing what is the most famous image of revolutionary, Che Guevara
Mireya Luis Captain of the women's Cuban volleyball team, the Camagüey sports star had a successful career of nearly 15 years and still works in sports
Leonel Marshall Both Leonel Marshall Sr and Jr have been stars in the Cuban volleyball team
José Martí Heralding from Havana, Martí was a national hero and prolific writer during the 19th century. He was one of the most important writers of his time
Rita Aurelia Montaner Known in Spanish as 'the one and only' she was a well known actress and singer throughout the Americas with a career of nearly 4 decades until 1958Cuba
Amelia Peláez A painter and potter hailing from Yaguajay. Some of her most important works, ceramic murals have been displayed at the Cuban Ministry of Internal Affairs and at the hotel Habana Hilton, now called the Hotel Tryp Habana Libre
Orfilio Peláez An eminent ophthalmologist, remembered for his pioneering work in Retinitis Pigmentosa (night blindness)
Luis "El Feo" Rodriguez El Feo, a world welterweight boxing champion from Camagüey, won an impressive 88% of his fights fights
Eligio Sardiñas Montalvo The Cerro born Cuban boxing star, known as Kid Chocolate had international success in the 1920's and 30's
Javier Sotomayor Sanabria From Limonar, this highjumper has held the world record since 1988 (2.43m). He broke that record twice and still holds the world record of 2.45 metres which he set in 1993
Regla Torres Went from Havana to the Olympic games 17 years later and was the youngest Olympic gold medal winner for volleyballCuba
Jesús Valdés Hailing from Quivicán, Chucho Valdés is considered to be one of the best Jazz pianists in the world. He has been regularly involved with the Havana Jazz Festival since its inception
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