Why Visit Cuba

Why visit Cuba? Well, we hope this website will answer that question.

Cuba is unique, and to visit Cuba is a unique experience. Going to Cuba, you will travel through time, through landscapes that will take your breath away, into a society and a lifestyle that is completely unlike anything you´ve ever known.

Cuba for tourists is simply a life-time, perhaps life-changing, experience, but to give you a taste of what our website has to offer, here they are. Five reasons why to visit Cuba:

  1. It´s simply beautiful.
    Whether you go for white sandy beaches, natural parks, to spot wildlife, go hiking, climb mountains ... Cuba has it all.

  2. Cuba
  3. Cuba is unique.
    Whatever you may think about socialism, communism, or whatever other ism out there, Cuba offers you the chance to see how it works and, quite more likely, how it doesn´t. Go and see it for yourself...while you can!

  4. The people.
    To go on a holiday in Cuba is one thing, to live there... another. Life for the average Cuban isn´t easy, but despite that Cuba´s diverse population has one thing in common: they are outgoing, and maintain a generally friendly attitude towards foreigners.

  5. Cuba
  6. The Cuban music.
    Perhaps Cuba´s main export product. Its cultural diversity has produced rhythms and sounds that have become the heartbeat of Cuban nightlife and laid the groundwork for such styles as the cha-cha-chá and the salsa.

  7. Fiesta!
    Now that we´ve mentioned Cuban nightlife, we should also point out here that Cubans know how to throw a party. Whether you go to one of the many discos, nightclubs, or bars, or head for the beaches, you´ll soon discover what great people, upbeat and temperamental music, and some of the world´s best Daiquiris can add up to...

Still wondering why to visit Cuba? Explore our website and discover all about Cuba!

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