The land mass of Cuba is 109,820 square kilometres, stretching from east to west less than 1200 kilometres with widths varying from 32 up to 210 kilometres.

Size-wise, Cuba is a little larger than Guatemala and a little less than Bulgaria, but with significantly more beaches than both countries.

This means that there is an incredible amount of coastline and a great number of Cuban beaches from which to choose to spend your day.

The sea temperature around Cuba stays warm all year round, allowing visitors to participate in a number of watersports, both above and below the water, subject to sea conditions, which again averages excellent conditions throughout the year.

Most of the country is flat, there are just 3 mountain ranges: Sierra de Guaniguanico in the north west, Sierra Guamauhaya in the area of Cienfuegos and the Sierra Maestra, stretching across the south of the island.


The beaches of the small resort, Marea del Portillo, are distinctive from almost all the other beaches in Cuba in that the fine sands are a grey colour, rather than a light gold colour which Cuba is known for.

As tourism is one of Cuba's most important industries and economy provider for the country, caring for the Cuban beaches is a top priority. Different beaches attract different types of tourists to the country, but Cuba is able to provide for all tastes.

Take a look at the Cuba Tourism section of the website to learn more about the different resorts and the Cuban beaches you will find there.

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