There are very few public holidays or Cuban festival days allowing the people a day's reprieve from work.


The few dates that are celebrated nationally are for reasons relevant the struggle for independence throughout the history of Cuba.

1 January - Liberation Day
A commemoration of Fidel Castro's victory in the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Street parties, music, dancing and cultural activities are commonly found taking place.

2 January - Victory of the Armed Forces
One of the most recent Cuban holidays, which was declared in 2007 to start being celebrated the following year. Rather than following special festivities, the day is just a non working day for Cubans.

1 May - Labour Day
Celebrated in many countries across the world, Labour Day in Cuba sees parades of people across the country. One of the biggest parades is held in Havana, in the Plaza de la Revolución.


25-27 July - National Rebelliousness Days
3 Days celebrating the beginning of the Cuban Revolution when Castro led a group to attack the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba, during the carnival. The attack took place on 26 July but the day before and after have also been proclaimed as Cuban festivals. The dates still coincide with carnival and festivities are seen taking place throughout the country.

10 October - Anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence
Commemorating the date in 1868 when Carlos Manuel de Cespedes freed the slaves and started the 10 years war for independence for Cuba.


25 December - Christmas
For many years Christmas was not a public holiday in Cuba due to being an athiest country. The festival was reinstated in 1998 following a visit by Pope John Paul II.

31 December - New Year
Although not an official holiday day, the Cubans are to be found celebrating New Year with parties in the same spirit as New Year's Eve is celebrated throughout much of the world.

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