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Knowing the city of Havana
Havana is the island´s capital city and main port. Explore the popular neighboorhoods of Old Habana or Vedado, and be surprised by the city´s music, culture, and nightlife!
A City Tour
Havana is one of the most beloved destinations for travellers in the Caribbean, mainly thanks to the amiable people, the cultural richness, and the incredible nightlife.
Cuban People and Culture
Get a foretaste of Cuban people and culture with this brief introduction. Although opinions tend to vary on one thing there seems to be consensus: travelling to Cuba is a unique and inspiring experience!
The Best of Cuban Culture
Cuban culture is hugely diverse, which its arts and music reflect. This is the first part of a nine-part series on Cuba´s rich cultural heritage.
Cuban Old Timers
Cuba hosts an army of old timer vehicles that, much to anyone´s surprise, have managed to roll their way into the 21st century. You don´t need to be a big car buff to appreciate these works of art on wheels.
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