Learn Spanish in Cuba

Why Study Spanish with Enforex Cuba?

Each and every year Cuba receives a number of visitors who are both looking to soak up some sun and culture as well as seeking to absorb the Spanish language.

Enforex Havana, Enforex Santiago and Enforex Trinidad are unique projects as they do not actually comprise a central, typical school but instead provide the adventurous language student with a personalized learning environment organized by well trained, highly educated teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

Classes are held either in the teacher's home, in the house of the host family or, for certain mini group courses, in a cultural center.

This formula provides the student with the unique opportunity of getting to know the real Cuban culture while at the same time learn Spanish and put their newly acquired language skills into practice.

With their reputation for friendliness and a natural curiosity, you will never find yourself without the chance to be speaking in Spanish.

Once you have mastered learning Spanish in Cuba, you will find that a wealth of opportunities will open up to you with your new language skills!

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Whether you are choosing to study in Cuba for the barmy weather, the characteristic friendliness of the warmhearted people, the wealth of culture, the outstanding natural wildlife or the exquisite beaches... whatever your reason for learning Spanish in "the most beautiful country human eyes have ever seen", you'll forever have a place for Cuba in your heart and memories.

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