Best Cuban Museums

Cuba hosts its fair share of museums, some of them of more interest than others. We discuss some of the Havana highlights here.


The National Fine Art Museum (Havana)
The collection of Cuba´s Fine Art Museum is so extensive that it requires two buildings to put everything on display.

The first one, on the corner of Agramonte & San Rafael, hosts La Colección de Arte Universal. Although its permanent collection does not compare to other national museums, the building itself is gorgeous and from time to time good temporary exhibitions are held here.

The second one, between Agramonte & Avenida de las Misiones, hosts La Colección de Arte Cubano. If you take only a remote interest in fine art, visit this facility. Its three floors contain Cuban art from the 16th century until 1951, as well as contemporary and modern works.

Look especially for works from Wilfredo Lam, Kcho, and Raul Martinez.

In addition, there is a sculpture garden, café, a concert hall with a variety of events, a library, and a good museum shop.


Museo de la Revolución (Havana)
History buffs will dig this museum on Refugio 1, which formerly was the Presidential Palace. It provides a complete account of the Cuban Revolution, and you should start on the top floor and work your way down for a chronological explanation.

The 18m yacht Granma, the boat that brought Fidel Castro and his men to the shores of Cuba in 1956, is on display here.

Museo Nacional de la Música (Havana)
Those with an interest in Cuban music, or music in general, should visit this museum on Capdevila 1. Huge collection of musical instruments, both from Cuba and the rest of the world.

The museum shop is an excellent place to get your Cuban records and concerts take place several times a week in its music room.


The Ernest Hemingway Museum (Havana)
Located in the nobel prize winner´s ranch on Finca la Vigia, San Francisco de Paula, the place is just as it was when Hemingway was living here.

Personal objects, books, and photographs, as well as some of his hunting-trophies are on display here.

The Napoleonic Museum (Havana)

The personal collection of Cuban millionaire Julio Lobo, who was a great admirer of Napoleon, is on display in San Miguel and Ronda, Central Havana. The collection includes around 7000 pieces, including masks, pictures, pistols and porcelain.

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