Cuban Nightlife

Cuban nightlife is legendary. It is in the clubs and bars of Cuba that music, originating from Europe and Africa, fused into what today is perhaps one of the most famous forms of world music.

From the rumba to the bebop , Latin jazz to an ascending Cuban rap scene, a bit more "high-cultured" entertainment such as the theatre, ballet or the opera, you are likely to find something to your gusto in la vida nocturna Cubana .

Besides the music, the other essential ingredient to a night out are, of course, the drinks. No need to worry though, since Cuba is home to by now some of the most popular drinks around the world. Think Daiquiri, Mojito, or the Cuba Libre. Cure your hangover next morning with a Cafecito , a shot of Cuban espresso, and you´ll be as good as new.


This section is divided into just two of Cuba´s main going-out areas: Havana and Santiago de Cuba. We discuss some of their hotspots, but note that going out in Cuba is not only a matter of finding the right places: More important is meeting the right people. As the most famous clubs often exceed the budget of the average Cuban, you might want to consider hooking up with some locals - which shouldn´t be too difficult - and experience the more authentic Cuban nightlife. It´s all up to you.

Note that Cuban cities are generally safe, both by day and by night, but that incidents may always occur. You´re well-advised to pay attention to your personal belongings and to keep a friendly distance to any new-found amigos or amigas: rules that generally apply to any stranger about to venture into an unknown city´s nightlife.

What is certain is that Cuba´s main cities really get going only after dark, and that each of the cities we discuss here really are cosmopolitan and vibrant places that offer an abundance of bars, theatres, clubs, and discos to choose from.

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