One of the country's most visited cities is Havana. Cuba and its people are proud of their capital city and rightfully so.

Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean and also one of the most vibrant, being most unlike any other captital city you have ever visited. Beaches, history, culture and safe, Havana really does have it all.

The charm of Cuba's capital city is that it has been left in a time warp from decades past, with architecture in its old town from centuries past, adding an allure which is incomparable with the ambience in other cities.


One of many cities in the world that are known for never sleeping, Havana maintains its unique vibe 24 hours a day.

Originally founded as san Cristobal de la Habana Villa, the city was founded in 1519 and in less than three and a half decades had became Cuba's capital. Being a strategic maritime centre, its now UNESCO listed old fortifications were built to protect the city from pirates and other invaders.

The old city filled with squares and plazas still has many of its important buildings including the Castillo de la Real Fuerza and the Palacio de los Capitanes and the Cuban architecture ranges from Colonial times up until the 1960's. Each and every way you look in this city, the buildings put up a defiant defence for their inhabitants. Faded facades in disrepair they may be, but Havana is like her people, strong and always smiling despite hardship.


The rich Cuban culture of Havana is abundant in its museums, art galleries, theatres and antique stores. Cuban melodies of jazz and salsa provide the background noise as you amble through the city's streets with the feeling of having taken a step back in time.

The modern world hasn't taken over Cuba and Havana is no exception. The pace of life in the city is relaxed and Havana's proud citizens all display smiling faces, enchanted by their city.

The city is host to a number of international events throughout the year including the Havana Jazz Festival and Havana Film Festival. It also hosts the annual Marabana, a week long athletics festival held each November whose grand finale is a marathon, open to both Cuban and foreign runners.


Havana Vieja is the most frequented of Havana's neighbourhoods in the daytime as tourists stroll, taking in the air of the old town and capturing it on camerma for future viewing with family and friends. At night, Vedado is another neighbourhood where the air heats up as the sun goes down and the Havana nightlife starts taking hold of the city.

The city's beaches provide an escape to Havana and it's 1950's American cars which pass you on every corner. Havana is like a dream as it reflects life gone by decades ago. Cell phone ring tones are replaced by latin rhythms and advertising billboards are replaced by pretty buildings and spectacular scenery.

Everyone who has ever been to Havana Cuba will tell you the city has a magic unlike anywhere else in the world.

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