The main public transport option in Cuba is the bus.

Principal Cuba bus services are offered by Via Azul which offers a well priced and relaible service. Havana to Varadero is a 3 hour trip; to Cienfuegos the journey is just over 4 hours and if continuing on to Trinidad, the journey from Havana is 5.5 hours. One of the longest journeys is between Havana and Santiago de Cuba which takes about 16 hours.

The Via Azul buses are modern vehicles, equipped with air conditioning and a WC on board. Reservations can be made via their web page up to 6 days before travelling. You will be required to bring a copy of your payment receipt and your passport for travel. A suitcase weighing up to 20kg can be brought per adult and up to 10kg per child. Drinks, including water, beer and soft drinks can be purchased on board some buses.


The other main Cuba bus service is Astro Bus. The buses run a cheaper service than Via Azul, but are always full and in addition to being a slower service, the buses can be unreliable. The fleet of Astro buses has been renewed to a better quality vehicle, although there is no onboard WC, but the Chinese buses which have replaced the old ones, are not as reliable as those of Via Azul. However, Astro offer more buses across Cuba and to more destinations than Via Azul do.

Havana used to be famed for its 'camel buses', heaped trailer style buses carrying up to 300 passengers which got their name for their resemblence to camels, but the buses have been phased out and it is now very rare to see one.

In towns, the name of the local bus is the guagua. When waiting for the bus, ask who the last person in the line is as the disorganized crowd of people waiting will form an orderly queue when the bus arrives.

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