For all journeys in and out of the country, a Cuba visa is required.

In addition to a valid visa, a current passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the intended departure date and a return or onward ticket are also required.

Whether you are European, Australian, from the United States or from Canada, a valid visa for Cuba is necessary. The exception to this is if you are in transit in Cuba for 72 hours or less and have a valid onward travel ticket.

Visa issue times and costs are dependent upon the country where you are from, so ensure you check that your passport is current and valid and allow enough time for visa processing before travelling to Cuba.


Different Cuba visa types are listed below:

Tourist Visa Card
This visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days and must be used within 180 days of when the visa's issue date. It can be extended for a further 30 days whilst in Cuba.

Business Visa: Exploring Business Posibilities
The A7 business visa is for a maximum stay of 30 days. Written confirmation of the purpose of the visit is required by the Cuban Consulate when applying for the visa.

Business Visa: Engaging in Business
The D7 business visa requires an invitation letter from a Cuban company or a Cuban institution. It is also valid for a maximum stay of 30 days.

Journalist Visa
The journalist visa cannot be authorized without first submitting a request to the Centro de Prensa Internacional del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba which usually takes about one month. For the visa to be authorized, planned work outlines, photographic equipment which will be brought and a confirmation letter from the publication or news agency are also required for the application. Upon arriving in Cuba, the journalist must register with the Centro de Prensa Internacional in person. A further fee should be paid to them and 2 passport photographs will be required.


Personal Visa
This type of Cuba visa is available to people with direct family in the country whether they be parents, siblings, a married partner or children. Processing time is usually longer than for other visas as the Cuban Immigration Directorate have to authorize the visa. The visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended by applying to the Directorate whilst in Cuba for a maximum period of 90 days.

Student Visa
The student visa is for those who plan on staying in Cuba for study, research purposes or to learn Spanish in Cuba. An invitation letter from the study centre is required for the visa to be approved. Again, the visa is valid for a period of 30 days which can be extended once in Cuba.

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