Although restrained by government supervision, Cuban radio stations offer a fun and varied mix of programmes and music.


Cuban radio is both supervised and controlled by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT). The Cuban Radio Network, the part of the institute that oversees radio, requires that "programs be at the service of knowledge, culture, recreation and the defense of the nation and its citizens".

The employees of the Cuban Radio Network manage 18 provincial stations, 6 national and 1 international as well as other projects throughout the country.

Whether you're more fond of Cuban music, western pop music, or classical concerts, you can tune in on anything you like in the Cuban ether. Cuban radio stations are also a good source of information on cultural events and activities.


Here are a few noteworthy Cuban radiostations. Note, though, that the strength of signal can vary depending on where you are. Not all stations can be received at all times...

Radio Rebelde640 and 710 AM, 97.7FM; news and interviews, sports, and various music styles
Radio Ciudad de la Habana820 AM, 94.9 FM; both Cuban music and pop music
Radio Reloj950 AM, 101.5 FM; news
Radio Metropolitana910 AM, 98.3 FM; jazz and other modern Cuban music, Sunday rock show
Radio Progreso640 AM, 90.3 FM; humour and soap operas
Radio Taino1290 AM, 93.3 FM; both spanish and english language interviews, news, and listings of cultural events

Because Cuban government restricts foreign broadcast media, the United States government is known to have sponsored radio as well as television broadcasting into Cuba through Radio Martí and TV Martí, most of which is jammed though.

The last years have seen a number of Cuban internet radio stations appearing, however these are more aimed at people outside of Cuba who enjoy Cuban music, rather than Cuban people who have little or no internet access.

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