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Like in most of Latin America, Cuban Spanish has its own accent and peculiarities compared to that in other countries and the traditional Castilian Spanish of mainland Spain.

It is not uncommon to hear words pronounced without the letter 's' when it is in the middle or at the end of a word. To say Somos tres hermanos (we are 3 brothers) could easily be heard as 'somoh treh ermanoth', for example.

The letter 'd' is another letter which the Cubans tend to drop on a regular basis if at the start of a word or at the end of a word in -ado. El dedo de David (David's finger) could be heard as 'e de-oh ur-abih' or me has escuchado (did you hear me) may be closer sounding to 'me-yah ecoo-chow'.

Visitors to Cuba who already have a knowledge of Spanish will likely hear a distinct difference between Cubans who live away from the cities or tourist areas and those who work in tourism or are more educated.

Just to give you a taste and get you started, here are some typical Cuban words and expressions:

BárbaroGreat, amazing, awesome
BodegaStore, shop
BohíoTraditional rural house
Casa ParticularA private house with rooms for rent
CoppeliaFamous and hugely popular ice-cream chain in Cuba
FulaSlang for United States dollar
GuaguaBus, also used in some parts of Spain
Hacer botellaTo hitch a ride
Por nada You´re welcome
PuroA Cuban cigar
¿Qué Bolá? Slang for what´s up?

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