Cuban wildlife is spectacular, and when you visit one of Cuba´s national parks, go birding or scuba diving, you are likely to spot species you never knew existed.

Cuba is probably the best birding destination in the Caribbean. Some 350 different species reside here, 70 of which are indigenous.

For those of you with an interest, Cuba is home to the world´s smallest bird: with about 6.5 cm the zunzuncito is particularly famous.


Cuban reefs are another world altogether. More than 150 species of Atlantic, Gulf and Caribbean fish reside in Cuban waters, from the majestic marlin, whale shark, and swordfish, to snook and bonefish in estuaries, to grouper and snapper in the reefs.

This is not the place for a comprehensive list of Cuba´s rich fauna. Another exotic species is the leaping crocodile, the friendly jutía (tree rat), the polimita (a landsnail), or the mariposa de cristal (the Cuban clearwing butterfly).

Fact is that conservation and research of Cuban wildlife is a constant struggle for scientists who work for a meagre salary. However, thanks to increasing international interest and ecotourism, the preservation and restoration of Cuban natural heritage seems to be in the ascendant.

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