One of the things you should know before you travel is about how much to leave when tipping in Cuba.

Cuba is a poor country and tipping is expected throughout to supplement the low incomes, however unless you are prepared in advance you may find that you end up giving tips to everyone for everything.


On average, a 10% tip is very well received and if you take the opportunity to see the real Cuba, you will see how important these tips are to the Cubans as their monthly salaries are almost unbelievable when you work it out to your own currency.

Unfortunately, those who look more touristy or wear brand name clothing, will be those targetted more so for tips. Whether it is a child in the street who has given you directions, a musician or band providing you with music, everyone wants and expects a tip.

.50 CUC is often plently for a tip, although you may find that a 1 CUC tip is better at other times. If you are looking for a big favour from a Cuban, the tip should be up to 5 CUC depending on what you are asking of them.

Always tip in Cuba using Cuban currency as none is able to exchange foreign currency coins at the exchange - notes only, so unless you are leaving a very immensely generous tip in foreign notes, the person receiving the tip would effectively receive nothing after commissions and exchange rates are applied, not to mention the long queue at the Cadeca.

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