The Playa Pesquero is one of the famous beaches in the province of Holguin, located on the eastern shores of Cuba, to the north of Holguin city.


The picture perfect beach is surrounded by lush green lands of mangrove forests and sugarcane fields, benefiting the warmth of Cuba's subtropical weather throughout the year.

A private and exclusive beach to those who are staying there, Playa Pesquero is a resort area for those looking for peace and tranquility in Cuba.

The beach is more peaceful than others in the country as motorized watersports are not allowed in order to preserve the coral reef there, although you will see plenty of other watersports available as you lay on the white gold sands.


Popular with both snorkellers and scuba divers, the sea at Playa Pesquero provides plenty of scope for exploration, from the colourful fish to the reef sharks and the spectacular coral reef is just a short boat ride from the shore line.

From Playa Pesquero it is easy to organize a visit to Holguin or Santiago de Cuba, for those who want a day away from the sea and sand. The beach is also 2 km from where Christopher Columbus first arrived in Cuba at Cayo Bariay.

Almost all activities in the resort can be found at the hotels there, along with the restaurants and nightlife options. At nearby the Bahia de Naranjo National Park the pace quickens with its natural aquarium and dolphins. The area used to be particularly popular with pirates, but the manmade island there now provides a great day out for many families.

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